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Raising Tadpoles: Tadpole Care

Raising tadpoles is a little bit different from raising a puppy or even from raising your little sister. You won’t ever have to clean up when they have an accident on the floor. A puppy or your little sister won’t turn into a frog, either, even if you want your little sister to turn into a frog. When you are raising tadpoles, though, you are raising baby frogs. Your tadpoles will turn into frogs in a few months and you won’t be raising tadpoles anymore, but frogs. Cool, huh?

There are some tadpole care rules that you have to remember when raising tadpoles to keep your tadpoles healthy. 

Caring for Tadpoles – Clean Water

When caring for tadpoles you have to keep the water clean all the time. Tadpoles love clean water and they don’t do very well in dirty water, so when you see the water getting dirty you need to change it. Changing the water is easy tadpole care if you have a small tadpole tank. All you have to do is get a baggie and scoop some of the water from the dirty tank into it and gently move your tadpoles into the baggie. Then you can empty the rest of the dirty water out of the tank and put fresh, clean water in it. 

You should keep some spare water outside in the sun for your tadpole care and change the water in the tank about every week to two weeks, depending on how fast it gets dirty. Once you have clean water in the tank, you should take the whole baggie and lay it in the water for about a half an hour to an hour for the best tadpole care. The water temperature in the baggie will adjust to the same temperature of the water in the tank slowly so that it doesn’t shock your tadpoles. Then gently pour the water and the tadpoles from the baggie into the clean water and you are done with this important tadpole care step.

Caring for Tadpoles – Feeding 

One of the most important things to remember in tadpole care is that they have to eat. Since you are already caring for tadpoles by keeping their tank clean they won’t have any algae to eat, so you will have to make them some food. One of the best ways of caring for tadpoles is to give them something that they love to eat, and they love lettuce. You should boil the lettuce first, for about 10 or 15 minutes, to make it easy to eat. Then chop the lettuce up into little bits and freeze it. Then you can give them just a pinch or two of the frozen lettuce each day. 

Remember your tadpole care rule about clean water? If you are feeding them too much the water will get dirty faster than usual and you will have to do the tadpole care tank cleaning step more often.


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